Monday, May 3, 2010

An inspiration!

We had a great, slow weekend. We didn't go anywhere, but church for 2 whole days. That is amazing for us. Alicia, Tim, and Dalton came over Sat night and we all played Clue, (Kevin won, of course) we had a great time. I took a nap BOTH days. I never take naps. Guess I was trying to find some of that sleep I lost last week. lol!!!

Today has been a really good day, at moments. I went to the gym at lunch. When I say gym, I mean the room with gym equipment in our community center. We are rural, we don't have a big gym within 20 miles of us. But it's nice and I was the only one there, even better! I wanted to walk for 24 mins, but just after 10 mins I was done. My legs were screaming. I was walking at a 2.8. (which is fast for me). Then I worked with the free weights and rode the bike for another 10 mins. I got a really good workout, but I was very upset about the walking. I'm suppose to walk a 5K on June 12th. I was thinking, how in the world am I going to make it 3.1 miles when today I couldn't even make it 11 mins??? This, of course, was one of the low moments of the day. I was really upset about it.

Then I came home and started watching last weeks Biggest Loser. They were doing a 5K. Most of the walkers/runners made it in under 1 hr. So, I'm sitting there still thinking there is no way I'm going to be able to walk a 5K. Then, the day started to turn around. One of the walkers hadn't made it to the finish line yet. This poor woman was having such a hard time that her daughter was walking in front of her and she was holding onto her daughters shoulders for support, but she never quit!!! She said that she uses the scooter at Wal-mart, because she can't even walk long enough to get her groceries! By now I was crying. If this courageous woman can walk a 5K, so can I! She finished the race, it took her over 2 hrs, but she finished. I will finish too! I don't care if I'm the last one to cross the line. Thank you Lord for helping me break through my fears!!!!

Food wise I've done really well today. I'm in at 31 points and I earned 5 pts for the exercise. My plan for tomorrow is to go back to the gym and try again. Tomorrow night is the band banquet at the high school, and then Wed is the Mother/Daughter Banquet at church. Lots of food!!! Wish me luck!!

Have a great day!

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