Monday, May 17, 2010

5K Frustration....

Had a good day. Walked with Gayle at the church. I was suppose to walk for 30 min, but ended up walking for 40. Donnie brought the wheel over and we ran it around the large loop and the small loop. The large loop is 1343 feet and the small loop is 880 feet. There is 5280 feet in one mile. This will help us when we are walking to know how far we have gone. We walked the big loop 3 times and the small loop 3 times.

In 40 minutes, we walked 6669 feet or 1.26 miles. Not that impressive. It will still take me close to an hour and a half to complete the 5K. It is a race, but I'm trying to focus on the fact that just doing it and finishing it will be an accomplishment. I'm just very scared that if I start I won't be able to finish. I'm tired of not finishing things. But I'm even more tired of not starting for the fear of not finishing. Am I making any sense? LOL!

I was watching Joyce Meyer's today and she was talking about Satan getting in our way. I feel like he is smack in the middle of my path with this 5K. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but I just want to scream at him to move over. So, this is my platform. Get behind me Satan! The Lord knows I'm leaning on Him at this point. He will hold me up and he's given me lots of great people to help me. Just got to keep the chin up and keep moving.

I did ok with the food today. Didn't track, but think I came in really close on points. My 3 month journal is full, so I'm trying to keep track in my head until Thurs. Might have to get a notebook. Did really well with the exercise. Plan for tomorrow is to walk 35 min and stay within 37 WW pts. Also, trying to get 6 glasses of water in a day.

Have Lady's Lunch Bunch tomorrow, pray I have the will to pick the right food and not the wonderful breadsticks at Caper's. LOL!!!!

Have a blessed day!


  1. you are lucky you get to walk.. something my feet wont let me... thank you for your support... you are doing great.. and you are right to lean on your friend.. he will give you strength..

    I go to google click on images in the top left then type what I want like scale etc.. then once i see a picture i like i right hand click and "save picture as" and save to my desk top... then when i am uploading to browse i click on desktop and upload the one i put there... does that make sense...??

  2. that makes complete sense! thank you so much for the advice!

    sorry to hear about your feet. i knew from reading your blog that you had had cancer. didn't know the side effects though. have you tried swimming or water aerobics? i love water aerobics because it doesn't hurt. you can feel your muscles working, but there is no pain at all. it is a godsend.