Thursday, May 13, 2010

One of those days...

I don't have a weight update tonight. I was suppose to go to WW tonight, but I was in E'ville with my kids. Had to take Shay to the dr. to get a boot for her foot. They still don't think it is broke, just a REALLY bad sprain. The boot is helping her foot to feel better though! We didn't get back to Boonville until 6:00. The meeting was over by then. So, I was a little disappointed about that, but Shay was way more important.

Seth woke-up this morning with a very swollen eye. He has poisen ivy in his eye and all over his face! Poor guy, he looked like someone had just dotted his eye for him. lol! We got drops for that this evening too.

To top the day off, I got home from work and piano lessons around 1:00 this afternoon and the house was hot. Not a good sign when you have the A/C running. Still not sure what is going on with it, Kevin worked on it and couldn't get it to cool. Have the A/C guy coming in the morning. You know when it rains it pours, lol!

Sorry for the rant, I'm working up to something here. I'm definately an emotional eatter. We've had some extended family stuff going on and then with everything that has happened today, I was listening to the food talk to me. It's been a VERY hard food week. Anytime I'm stressed, happy, made or upset at all I turn to food. That is my out. I start thinking negative thoughts and thinking that the food will make me feel better. (it doesn't, but that is what i am thinking) Well, today when I got home and the A/C wasn't working I started eatting. Then when Kevin got up he called me on it. He wasn't mean about it, but he said you're starting to binge. It was like a lightbulb going off. I just stopped. I didn't get mad. I just stopped. Not to say that at another time I wouldn't get upset, because if I'm in the throws a binge HUGE binge I do get mad when he says something. But it was really nice to have him check me this time. I hadn't gotten too far and was still able to pull the reigns in. Thanks babe! Love you!

Tomorrow I'm back to walking and already have a date with Mary Beth for lunch time. Going to drink my water and track my food.

Have a blessed day!


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