Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 MILE!!!!

Since I last blogged I've lost another 4.6 pounds! I was sooo happy, that brings the grand total to 51 pounds. I have a before pic at 372 I need to post and I'm going to put the same outfit back on a take another pic to post. I'm interested to see if you can tell a difference yet. Lisa told me today that she is able to tell a difference, that made my day! Thanks, Lis!

Today I hit another big mile stone. I walked a mile in 19 MINUTES!!!!! I've been so worried about how long this 5k was going to take and I was really happy with my time today. I actually walked for 26 minutes with Shay. We have a wonderful spot to walk at Lincoln Boyhood and the weather was great.

I love walking with Shay. She is a great person. I know that a lot of teens don't want to spend time with their parents and when they do they are completely quiet. But not my Shay, she shares things with me that most kids wouldn't with their parents. She is a much better teen then I was. LOL!!! But it is true. We have found a good balance between parent and friend. I am the parent and she respects that, but because I respect her she will come to me as a friend. Not to say that we haven't bucked heads or that I'm not the bain of her existance at times. But all in all, the teen years haven't been bad and I'm going to miss her like crazy next fall! Love you ShayShay!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sat!


  1. I too am blogging my weight loss activity... I wish you luck it is hard... check out my blog... you can find my weight one under my picture on the right Being Healthier

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. Good luck to you too!