Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend recap.

Sorry, I haven't posted all weekend, we have been very busy. I have had a wonderful time this weekend with family and friends. For a bonus, I've done really well with my food and exercise.

Friday: I worked all day, but at lunch went to the gym. I was only able to walk for 22 min on the treadmill before my knee was killing me. I was having shooting pains in my left knee. That scared me, but I was hoping it would be a one time deal. I came in at 32 pts for the day, and was very happy about that.

Saturday: I walked at the high school track with Annie for 30 minutes. It took me 25 mins to make a mile. I wasn't really happy about the time, but I was happy that my knee didn't start hurting until the end. I think the spongy track helped. Then we went to the school pool and did 45 min of water aerobics. That was FANTASTIC!!!! I had such a good time with Annie. I was feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful friend. Then I started thinking about the fact that I have SOOOO many wonderful friends who are helping me with my walking. Not to mention how supportive my family is, it's almost overwhelming how many blessings the Lord has given me! That night we went to Mom and Dad's for Haelix's b-day party. I had one small scope of ice cream and a small piece of cake. I still came in at 36 pts for the day!

Today: This is my rest day for the walking program. We went to church and Shay sang. She's our songbird! She did a great job! Mom, Dad, Kyah, and Haelix came to church to hear her. So, the day started out great. We had a carry-in after church that I just couldn't stay for. I felt too tempted by all that good food. So, we went shopping and spent 2 1/2 hrs in Wal-mart, Maurices, and The Shoe Show. lol! So, much for the resting. Done well with the eatting today too!

Tomorrow: Already have plans with Gayle to walk after work. So, it's looking good too! I just want to thank everyone that is supporting my on my journey! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Have a blessed day!

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