Friday, May 21, 2010


I lost 1.6 pounds this week! It's not a huge number, but at least it is a loss. It's been a very busy, and stressful week. The beast likes to sneak up on me when I'm stressed. All I want to do is eat. So, any loss is great. I've been struggling ALL DAY trying not to overeat. Then my daughter brings home candy bars from school to sell. So, of course, that is all I've been thinking about. I've done well so far, pray that I can withstand the temptation.

Walked with Jeannie yesterday for 35 minutes and did well. I'm still having problems with my left calf muscle, but I'm working through it. Today I walked with Mary Beth. We were only able to walk for 20 min, but it was suppose to be a rest day, so any walking was above and beyond what I was suppose to do, lol!

Tonight we went to our niece, Ashley's, high school graduation. It just blows my mind that the girls are graduating. Ashley is 20 days younger than Shay. Last night was Shay's last high school choir show. Trying to concentrate on the begin of a new stage in life and less on the ending of her childhood. It's tough for a mom, and my instinct is to stuff these feelings with food. This week will be a test of my ability to deal with my emotions and not eat them. Shay graduates next Sat afternoon, so the next week is going to be extremely busy, and full of food. We have 4 graduation parties tomorrow alone! lol! Then another one on Sunday. Going to do my level best to make good food choices.

My plan for tomorrow is to stay within my 37 points, drink 6 glasses of water, and walk for 35 minutes. We are going with mom in the morning to take flowers to the cemetery's and then to visit my Aunt Kathryn. We would appreciate your prayers for her, so is having some health problems. She 73 yrs young and an amazing woman! After that, it's off to party, party, party, party! lol!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. 50 pounds good for you!!!! wow! My son is graduating in a few weeks and I am emotional about it too. That is awesome you are walming. YES! I can tell a difference in your photo! Keep it up!