Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

This is going to be very short. Just wanted to touch base and say that all is well right now. Haven't journaled my food in the last few days, but I think I've done really well. I've been very aware of what I'm eatting. I have gotten 6 glasses of water in the last few days and I have a plan to walk again tomorrow with Jeannie.

This week and next are extremely busy with Shay graduating on May 29th. It's 11:00 pm right now and we just got done putting her tri-fold poster for choir together. I'll take a pic and post it soon. It turned out really well.

I posted a new pic of myself at 322, 50 pounds lighter in the same outfit as before. Let me know if you can tell any difference. Weigh in is tomorrow, so I'll update my status then. I'm extremely exhausted. Heading to bed!!!!

Have a blessed day!

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