Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cleaning house...

I have been soooo busy! Shay is leaving for Germany, France, and the Alps for 9 days tomorrow. Seth went to the Respect the Law camp at USI last Thurs, Fri, and Sat. We are, also, working like mad people to get his 4-H projects done by next Thurs. lol! Nothing like waiting til the last minute. I feel like we have been on a whirlwind of events and obligation since the 3rd week of May. But, hopefully, things are going to start slowing back down.

We wanted Shay to get her room COMPLETELY clean before she left. (which if any of you have an 18 yr old with a messy room you now what an undertaking that has been) We pulled everything out of the closet and has went through an purged a LOT of stuff. It has really gotten me in the mood to completely clean house. I'm planning on going through my room and Seth's room this week. I've already started in my living room. I'm ready to have a clutter free life, and that means all of it. I'm ready to get everything in order.

I'm ready to purge myself of everything that is holding me back. So, I'm making a new plan. This plan includes getting rid of anything just lying around collecting dust, paying off bills, getting work done on the house, making a menu, and making an exercise plan. I just want to be more organized. I've made a vow with myself that I'm going to tackle all of this. I can't expect to lose weight and maintain it if the rest of my life is in disarray. Kevin and I are setting down tomorrow night to discuss all of this and make a reasonable plan. I'll let you know how it goes.

I've done really well on the exercise plan this last week. Wednesday I went to the gym, Thurs I worked in the yard with my dear friend Annie for 3 hrs and then did water aerobics for an hour. Friday I worked in the house cleaning, moving furniture, and really got my heart rate up. Yesterday and today I haven't had time to exercise. My plan for tomorrow is to get some walking in and maybe the Biggest Loser workout. (i still haven't done that yet)

Plan for tomorrow: stay within my 37 WW pts, drink 8 glasses of water, walk, exercise, and make a plan with Kevin. A side note: I, also, have to take Shay to the Louisville airport (sending my firstborn to France sniff, sniff) and take Seth to 4-H at 6:00. So, it will be another busy day! lol! But what would life be if it was slow and boring.

Also, I hope you all are as blessed as I am to have a great dad to spend Father's Day with. We took him out to eat after church this morning. It was great spending time with him and mom. I'm very blessed to have the parents that I have. I'm doubly blessed to have a wonderful husband that is a fantastic dad! Love you Kevin and Dad! Thanks for everything you do!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I that is GREAT you are purging and taking charge of your life! Sending your baby off! sniff sniff!!!

    Keep going ! You are doing awesome!

  2. You know, that is what I need to do at my house! We have so many comings and goings this summer and need to get organized! I'm glad you're planning your exercise into your schedule. Make it a priority!